Damage Restoration

Damage Restoration: Build Back Better Than Before

If your home was damaged by fire, water, or a storm, you’re likely still in shock. When disaster strikes your home, it can be a little traumatic. But once the smoke clears or the water drains away, it’s time to take stock of things and make repairs to protect your family. That’s where our damage restoration services come in.

We like to think on the bright side, and consider damage restoration as unscheduled remodeling. If your homeowner’s insurance is going to cover repairs and restoration, why not make the upgrades you’ve been thinking about?

For example, if fire damaged a non-load bearing wall, now might be a good time to get that open-concept kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. Or if you hated that old carpeting, now is the perfect time to put in hardwood floors or tile flooring. If basement flooding took out your furnace, upgrade to a new energy-efficient model. You get the idea.

Of course, if you want your home restored exactly to the way it was, we can do that, too. This might be the case if you live in an historic home. Our craftsmen can source some of the original fixtures and features, and we can recreate the woodwork and plaster work. If you have pictures of what a room or rooms looked like before the damage, that would be helpful.

Whatever the case, we will work closely with you, your insurance company, and any building inspectors to ensure things are done right, and meet or exceed your expectations.

We Protect the Rest of Your Home from Harm

We will need to take care of any needed demolition or mold remediation first. But rest assured, during damage remodeling, we protect the rest of your home. This can include shutting down the HVAC system and putting up dust barriers between work zones and undamaged areas. We want to minimize the possibility of dust, soot, ash, or mold spores from transferring from the work zone to the rest of your home.

In addition, when we do damage restoration, we do it the same way we build custom homes and additions. We have a well drawn-out plan, and our experienced craftsmen provide high-quality results. We leverage our experience to your advantage, leaving you with a home that looks remarkably better than before disaster struck. If we uncover something during restoration that needs upgrading to meet the building codes, we will tell you. This is common with the electrical wiring and plumbing in older homes.

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